How we make lettered Rock

How is rock candy made? Read this and then you’ll know even down to putting the letters through the rock!
Boil up sugar & Glucose

We use a large copper pan to boil up the sugar & glucose.

This is heated to approx 300 degrees.

Cooling & Dividing

When the sugar mixture reaches the required temperature the contents of the copper pan is tipped onto a cooling table.

The mixture is divided.

Aerating the toffee

Some of the mixture is taken to another machine to be aerated & flavoured.

This is going to be the core of the rock.


Colouring the toffee

The remainder of the toffee is mixed with colour. This will become the outer casing of the rock and in this case is going to be a colourful striped rock bar

Lettering the rock

Next the letters are formed. By layering strips of coloured & white toffee the letters are built.

Skegness Rock

Here the letters will say SKEGNESS ROCK

Lettering & core of rock put together

Next the core of the rock and the rock lettering are put together.

RM88Rock Outer Casing

The strips of toffee are put together in the correct order to make the casing of the rock.

RM9Core & Outer come together

The core of the rock & the coloured outer come together.

RM10Batch Roller

The huge lump of rock is put into a machine called a batch roller, this helps to keep it’s shape.

See the huge lump of toffee. This is why we cannot make one personalised stick of rock. We have to make a whole batch.

RM11The rock is pulled

The rock is then pulled into long strings. A device not unike a pair of scissors is used to cut the rock into the length required.

Wrapping Rock

Finally the rock is wrapped and is ready for sale.

Next time we might make Blackpool rock or Brighton rock! We make promotional rock for companies, seaside rock, lettered rock,personalised rock such as wedding rock, anniversary rock, barmitzvah rock. We make rock bars all sizes, many colours, lots of flavours. We make novelty rock such as dummies, rock breakfasts, rock fishfingers, rock fruit bowls, rock lollipops, rock sweets. The list is endless.
But if you want rock you know where to come!